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Filming in Brazil

by marcelo@incartaz.com

Filming in Brazil

Filming in Brazil has many benefits, for many reasons.

– Variety of locations: Beaches, rain forests, deserts, mountains… We have it all! You name it, we have it…

– Financially interesting, filming in Brazil can be 1/3 of the cost, compared to United States or Europe.

With the exception of journalistic productions, all foreign audiovisual productions are subject to mandatory prior notification to ANCINE (National Film Agency).

The foreign producer must enter into partnership with a Brazilian producer that must be registered at ANCINE (Brazilian Cinema Agency), who will report to that agency on the foreign producer’s behalf. In addition to acting as a channel of communication with ANCINE, the Brazilian company is responsible for ensuring compliance to the legislation and for providing assistance for customs clearance of equipment as well as other forms of assistance. Ancine will also forward all the necessary information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will then authorize the consulates to issue the temporary working visas.

In addition, all productions must also obtain permission to film from local (state, city) authorities. Additional authorizations are also required, like when you are using a minor in your production, or a Native American (Indian). Production equipment can be brought by the foreign company, or be rented in Brazil (good quality equipment available). 

Finding the best place to shoot can be a real nightmare, specially if you are not aware of the language, culture, transport information and legal matters. We have that know-how, and we have over 500 special locations catalogued. Deserts, mountains, rainforests, favelas, beaches. You name it, we have it. Contact us and we will be happy to share it with you, and be very proud to be a part of your team, and help guiding your project to sucess.

Our services

• Our company will guide you through all the legal and logistical matters involving your project in Brazil.
• We have crew members fluent in English, French and Spanish.
• We have experts in finding the exact location you need.
• Equipment, crew, casting, transport, legal matters…You name it, we do it.

You bring in the problems. We give you the solutions.

Contact us!

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